• Vranckx won the title in his debut in this category in 2022
  • The Belgian is in great shape and has won three out of four rounds in RallyX Nordic
  • The new RX2e season will start in Hell, Norway on June 17th-18th

May 11th, 2023 Barcelona – Viktor Vranckx will join the FIA RX2e Championship grid for his second consecutive season. With his confirmation for the season, he will be the first RX2e champion who stays in the category to try to defend the title. Vranckx will compete with VMV Racing Team.

The Belgian made his debut in RX2e in 2022, where with two victories and podium finishes in the remaining races secured him the title. “Since we won the RX2e Championship last year we obviously can not lower our expectations, so that’s why we will definitely aim to defend our title”, Viktor states. “Of course, there will be more pressure, but it usually helps me to perform at my best and get that little extra”, he adds.

To keep the Championship title this year, he will have to fight against some rivals such as Isak Sjökvist or Nils Andersson, both with experience in this category, and to adapt to the changes that have been introduced to the cars. Starting from this season, the power has been increased from 250 kW to 270 kW and there will also be a boost mode that will give drivers 80 kW more power for a limited time during each race to increase overtaking chances and play with strategy. “I’m really looking forward to driving in the FIA RX2e Championship with these upgrades, although I’m already quite used to them, as we are already driving with more power in RallyX Nordic”,  Viktor confirms.

The Belgian has been linked to Rallycross since he was really young: he attended his first Rallycross race when he was only a few months old, as his father was a mechanic. This early approach to Rallycross helped him gain enthusiasm for this discipline. He got behind the wheel at 13 years old (2019) and the success began: He became champion of the PAK Limburg competition already that year, in 2020 he won Junior Cross Car Championship in Belgium and Italy, and in 2021 he came 4th in the Belgian Cross Car Championship, 2nd in the Italian -18 Championship and took 5th place in the FIA XC Academy Trophy before being crowned in 2022 in RX2e.

To prepare for the 2023 season, Vranckx is also competing in RallyX Nordic with great results. The Belgian has already secured three wins out of four races and a podium in second place in this Championship driving the ZEROID X1, the same car he will be competing with RX2e, but with 200hp power less than other cars in his category in RallyX Nordic (Supercar Pro AM).

The new RX2e season will start at Hell, Norway on June 17th-18th. For more information about the RX2e, please visit the official website at www.fia-rx2e.com.

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