February 16th 2024, Calafat – The 2024 season of RX2e is getting ready to start, but before it does, it’s time for the testing to warm up both drivers and cars. On February 15th some drivers had the opportunity to test the ZEROID X1 ahead of the season to prepare themselves for the fourth campaign of the RX2e Championship.

Clément Picard, Ellis Spiezia, Frank Coll, Kalle Gothesson Sara Kaluzinska and Vasileios Kyriazopoulos were the drivers that had the chance to be behind the wheel of the ZEROID X1 for the test day.

The test was distributed in ten runs where the drivers did four or five laps per run. After each one, they went back to the garages to recharge the car and analyze their video data from Vbox and to talk with the engineers about how they felt in the car and how to adjust it to their driving style and track conditions. This format allowed them to improve their performance as the day progressed and the track conditions improved. They all agreed that the car is “very fun to drive” and enjoyed their time on track.

Kalle Gothesson, who usually drives a combustion engine car, felt impressed by the “instant torque” and the fact that “you have the power directly”. Along those lines, also felt Sara Kaluzinska, who was blown away by the horsepower of the car.

Ellis Spiezia, who was a first timer on the ZEROID X1 praised the reliability of the car as well as “the power delivery”, which feels “insane” and “unique”, and does not rule out “some rallycross in the future”.

On the other hand, Clément Picard, who had already tested the ZEROID X1, got to improve “little details that make possible to gain a few tenths and set times among the best drivers”.

The fourth season of the RX2e Championship will kick off at the end of spring. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels @officialrx2e so you don’t miss out!

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