Each Competition will comprise official practice sessions, a qualifying session, four Heats, two Semi-Finals and one Final.


Qualifying Practice

A qualifying practice session will be run on four timed laps. The Joker Lap will not be used during the session. Starting grid will be based on the reverse order of the Championship standings. Touching a track marker during qualifying practice will lead to an automatic laptime cancellation.


There will be 4 Heats with a maximum of 5 cars starting abreast in each race over 5 laps as per Drawing No.1. All the Heats will be timed.

Ranking points will be awarded after each Heat based on the Driver’s race time.

Fastest: 50 points

2nd fastest: 45 points

3rd fastest: 42 points

4th fastest: 40 points

5th fastest: 39 points

6th fastest: 38 points


After the Heats, Drivers will be ranked according the total points scored in the Heats: the Driver with the highest number of points ranked first, then the second highest total, etc.

Semi-Finals and Final

The top 12 Drivers in the Ranking will qualify for the 2 Semi-Finals.

The Semi-Finals and Final will be run over 5 laps with 6 cars arranged in three rows as per Drawing No.2.

Starters for the Semi-Finals will be determined by the results of the Ranking. The top 12 Drivers in the Ranking will be seeded in the two Semi-Finals alternatively.

The top 3 Drivers in each Semi-Final will qualify for the Final. The Semi-Final winner with the highest points in the Ranking will start on the ‘pole’ side of the grid, followed by the other Semi-Final winner. The same procedure will be used between the two second-placed Drivers, and two third-placed Drivers.

The winner of the Final will be the winner of the Competition. Positions 1 to 6 in the final classification of the Competition will be according to the result of the Final. Positions 7 to 12 will be according to the finishing positions of those Semi-Finalists who do not progress to the Final.

Power Boost

In each Heat, Semi-Final or Final, Drivers will be able to activate once per race a Power Boost giving additional 80kW of power for a limited amount of time specified before each race.