The FIA RX2e Championship is driving forward motorsport technology with its pioneering all-electric format, but the series is also relying on PAGID Racing to put the brakes on when needed.

The first-ever FIA electric championship sprung into life at the World RX of Catalunya last month (July 23-24), with Guillaume De Ridder completing a clean sweep at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The lead support series for the FIA World Rallycross championship showcased exhilarating wheel-to-wheel racing during its maiden event, with pioneering engineering meeting traditional all-out action in Barcelona, before building on this with a spectacular show in Sweden for Round 2.

Despite the ground-breaking nature of the RX2e technology, the demands of rallycross as a discipline remain as rugged as ever, meaning our diverse field of drivers require complete trust in all aspects of their new RX2e cars – not least the brakes.

PAGID Racing, a member of the TMD Friction Group, have a wealth of experience producing and supplying brake pads for high-performance use and their expertise is apparent on every single RX2e car used in the 2021 season.

The PAGID Racing brake pad that is used in the RX2e cars has been specially developed for the FIA RX2e Championship and meets the highest environmental standards in the automotive industry, while also complementing the work of our other partners – including brake systems supplier AP Racing.

The powerful pad is tailor-made for the demanding challenges presented by RX2e and combines a high friction rate with high temperature resistance and thermal stability, so that the drivers can rely on the performance of the PAGID Racing brake pads at any time, even in the most extreme conditions.

Jürgen Voigt, Senior Sales Manager, OE Motorsport, said: “The FIA RX2e Championship is a very exciting motorsport format, and we are delighted to be on-board as a technical partner in the fully electric series from the outset. Our brake pads meet the highest environmental standards and are therefore a perfect match for the future-oriented series. We are looking forward to a successful partnership!”

Xabier Ugarte, Chief Engineer PAGID Racing: “Specially developed for RX2e cars, the PAGID Racing brake pad incorporates the perfect characteristics for use in the FIA RX2e Championship. Thanks to its high friction rate and its thermal stability, it achieves the balance between a high bite and preventing the wheels from locking up; important requirements for success in rallycross. In the development of the pad, particular attention was paid to environmental and sustainability aspects. As a result, the brake pad ranks among the most environmentally friendly compounds in our portfolio.”

Pere Gonzalez, Project Manager, FIA RX2e Championship, said: “The FIA RX2e Championship is all about developing engineering excellence, as well as providing young drivers with a pathway to the top of our sport, and PAGID Racing are just one of our numerous trusted suppliers who have contributed to getting the series off the ground.

“We are incredibly pleased with the performance of the PAGID Racing brake pads and are confident our productive partnership will continue throughout our inaugural season and beyond.”

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